Welcome to College for the Neighborhood where our mission is to help others discern vocation, spur innovation, renew work, and restore community.  This mission means that we educate students to invest in local innovation and we empower them to find work that they love but that also makes a difference in communities.  We partner with community leaders to influence policy.  We work with corporate entities to engage in employee development.  We invite you to contact us to see why the College for the Neighborhood is the perfect place for you.

Our Credo

College for the Neighborhood

There is no greater need in small communities than for the citizenry to invest in the prosperity of the community.  At the College for the Neighborhood, we believe that educating students to find their calling, teaching them to innovate, and empowering them to serve are the primary components for transfiguring community.  We believe that this education can be offered at a reasonable cost, can be both employer and employee friendly, and can serve to facilitate economic growth in communities.  We believe that hyper-local education is the key to healing the pains our society experiences.  For the full story, we invite you read our blog.

Our Degree

Associates in Local Innovation


Our apprenticeship track enables students who desire to find career fit to study vocational concepts while finding practical relationship with employers.  Students will learn the trades and determine their vocational calling.  Employers are able to have a clear hand in shaping their future employees.

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Our intrapreneurship track allows students to learn to innovatively think within the context of current employment.  This track guides students toward the skills for corporate advancement.


This track encourages students to build businesses in the local community.  Through vocation, innovation, and service students learn to meet market needs and transfigure communities while profiting from the experience.

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If you are interested in an application or if you simply have questions, please get in touch.

August 2019
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College for the Neighborhood is committed to transfiguring community. If you are an interested student, corporate partner, or community leader, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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