Focused Path Consulting

We help struggling colleges and universities flourish through intentional focus.

Focus matters.  It matters because most colleges grow by complication.  Complication costs more than it is worth and it undermines strategy.  Evidence suggests that it does not work.  There is little return on investment despite significant monetary investment. Focus does not equal expansion. Focus is viability.

We are not typical consultants.  We are set apart by our commitments:

  • to develop relationship with the members of the schools we assist

  • to empower colleges  to design their own well-being through our unique process

  • to offer coaching toward institutional fit and performance of administrators, faculty, and staff

  • to build coherence in the classroom, the curriculum, and the lives of students, staff, and faculty

  • to leave your institution healthier and more focused.

Our decades of experience in the church, the community and the collegiate world, and our work as creators of the College for the Neighborhood give us the knowledge, experience, and ability to help you focus your work and your school.  Contact us today at: